Madelyn’s Cake Smash: Baltimore, MD Newborn Photographer


Madelyn loved 3 things: Elmo, Toddler sing-a-longs, and CAKE! She rolled with lots of wardrobe changes and backdrop changes because I just couldn’t get enough of her! She’s the latest in a string of exceptionally cute blue eyed babies to grace my studio. And I got to put her in 2 of Evie’s sentimental outfits (the tutu she wore for her 6 month session and the pink romper she wore for her cake smash). Madelyn’s Momma brought along some adorable things too making it a super fashionable session. We even found a way to make the graffiti backdrop girly!
evie claire photography_2178.jpg
evie claire photography_2179.jpg
evie claire photography_2180.jpg
evie claire photography_2181.jpg
evie claire photography_2182.jpg
evie claire photography_2183.jpg
Time for cake. I wondered…would she love it? Would she dive in or would she be reserved, dainty about it? Well, let’s just say she walked the line. She loved the cake but she didn’t make a giant mess. And her Momma got to take half home to eat herself. I call that a win-win!
evie claire photography_2174.jpg
evie claire photography_2175.jpg
evie claire photography_2176.jpg
Good to the very last lick!
evie claire photography_2177.jpg

So here’s hoping these photos allow Madelyn’s parents to have a special reminder that they survived the first year of parenthood! Cheers! Now go eat that cake!


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