Growing Up Gal: Kylee Edition Baltimore, MD Newbon Photographer

growing up gal copy
Little Kylee drove an hour and twenty minutes to get to me. Well, she didn’t drive but her Momma did. Talk about flattered!

At first she let us get some alert photos of her, modeling the necklace her Momma bought and some beautiful purple wraps. Then, soothed by the long ride and the nice toasty studio, she drifted off to la la land and I got to pose a 3 month old like a newborn! I can proudly check that off my photography wish list. She looked so peaceful and I got a chance to to check out her long, long lashes.

Until next time Kylee. Feel free to fall asleep at your 6 month session too!
evie claire photography_2207.jpg
evie claire photography_2208.jpg
evie claire photography_2210.jpg
evie claire photography_2212.jpg
evie claire photography_2211.jpg
evie claire photography_2209.jpg


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