A Cake Fit For A King: Baltimore, MD Newborn Photographer

growing up galguy copy

Many moons ago I worked with King’s Gramma and we were known for such shenanigans as dancing to Tina Turner’s “Rag Doll” in our office like fools. Imagine my joy when she brought this little darling to my studio for his cake smash session. He tried mighty hard to be serious, with looks that cut you right to your core. But we were wise to what he wanted…food! Little man licked that icing off his fingers like it was the best thing he ever tasted. And if you think he mean mugged me before cake, you should have seen when we took it away! Priceless!

Danielle…bring him back to me soon. I promise I won’t really steal him for good!

evie claire photography_2252.jpg
evie claire photography_2251.jpg
evie claire photography_2250.jpg
evie claire photography_2248.jpg
evie claire photography_2247.jpg

evie claire photography_2246.jpg
evie claire photography_2249.jpg


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