Grow With Me: Rosalie Edition Baltimore, MD Newborn Photographer

growing up gal copy

It feels like Rosalie was just coming to my studio for her newborn session. She was one of those babies that I’ll never forget. A total dream to pose!

So fast forward through six months and imagine my surprise at how deliciously chunky little lady is now! There is seriously nothing more adorable than chunky babies; I wanted to smooch on her cheeks all morning šŸ™‚

We did the requisite grow with me shot and she showed off her sitting up skills.
evie claire photography_2237.jpg

Then a fun superbaby set up for all you comic book fans out there. Tell me her cuteness couldn’t cure all that ails the world!
evie claire photography_2232.jpg
evie claire photography_2234.jpg
evie claire photography_2233.jpg
And lastly, a fancy dress complete with matching bow. You Momma’s know that those Janie and Jack items deserve to be captured in a beautiful photos. You blink and they’re outgrown. Am I right??? I’m remembering a swimsuit I just had to buy Evie to the tune of $40+ that she wore once and screamed the whole time. But I’ve got the picture!!!
evie claire photography_2235.jpg
evie claire photography_2236.jpg

Until next time Rosalie!


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