Awaiting Benjamin: Bump and Beyond


You may remember Kendra from my snowy maternity session.
Her little boy Benjamin arrived last week and today I had the great pleasure of catching his newborn goodness. Kendra and Jason set the bar pretty high for parent shots. Not only are they super down to earth and helpful (Jason jumped right in and switched my backdrops for me without me even asking for help!) but they’re insanely easy on the eyes.
evie claire photography_2270.jpg
evie claire photography_2271.jpg
evie claire photography_2266.jpg
So, despite the fact that he was a light sleeper, Benjamin was such a wonderful baby. I think I’m partial to him because he shares a name with my awesome baby brother. If he’s anything like my Ben, he’ll be passionate, bright and driven. Destined for greatness this little one.
evie claire photography_2268.jpg
evie claire photography_2269.jpg
evie claire photography_2267.jpg


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