Welcome Baby Ricardo! Baltimore, MD Newborn Photographer


So many of my awesome clients had the opportunity to meet Evie, one of my former assistants and pals from nursing school. Today Evie was back with her new baby cousin Ricardo. Is Ricardo Spanish for DREAM BABY? If not, it should be. Because that’s what he was. Totally conked out until the last set of images and even then, he was peaceful and serene.

We posed his little 5 lb frame (that literally fit in my palm) in a variety of set ups and an hour and a half later, we called it a wrap. Never had that happen before! We even had time to fit in a shot with his Grandma. Yeah, you heard me right. That’s his Grandma, not his Mom. It’s ok to be jealous. I know I am!

Hasta la próxima Ricardo. Until next time.
evie claire photography_2321.jpg
evie claire photography_2318.jpg
evie claire photography_2319.jpg
evie claire photography_2317.jpg
evie claire photography_2316.jpg
evie claire photography_2320.jpg
evie claire photography_2322.jpg


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