Grow With Me: Robert Edition Baltimore, MD Newborn Photographer

growing up galguy copy

With a name like Robert, I immediately think Kennedy. Classic good looks. Charming personality. Winning smile. And with this Robert I got it all in a tiny 15 month old package but it took some time!

I always warn parents of babies and toddlers that sometimes these sessions run long because:
a. the kiddos might have stranger danger (like the time Evie cried at her 2 year old session with another photographer until she gagged)
b. the kiddos might be on the go and not want to sit still
c. the kiddos might just not care about OUR AGENDAS!

Robert fit the bill for most of the above. Add to that the incredible lure of my two sweet pugs just outside the studio, he was a hard sell. What turned it around?


No joke people.

All kids are awesome.
All kids are friendly.
All kids will eventually smile. And when they do, all the work that went into creating that moment will be worth it.
evie claire photography_2357.jpg
evie claire photography_2358.jpg
evie claire photography_2359.jpg
evie claire photography_2363.jpg
evie claire photography_2356.jpg
evie claire photography_2362.jpg
evie claire photography_2364.jpg
evie claire photography_2361.jpg


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