Zachary’s Cake Smash: Baltimore, MD Newborn Photographer

After singing a rousing rendition of “Elmo’s World”, Zachary’s mother made a comment that I was a good singer.

Why was I not tape recording then?

Proof for my parents that someone actually does enjoy my singing!  It never hurts to brush up on your children’s song list.  Sometimes all it takes to win a toddler over is a little familiar song and dance!

And so it began with Zachary’s session.  We won him over with songs and stuffed animals and he modeled as if he had a side gig, between naps, with J. Crew.

That side lean shot?  It’s unreal how cute it is!

Cake time was met with some initial skepticism.  But goldfish dipped in cake?  Well who can resist that?   Perhaps Mom had crazy cravings when she was pregnant!
evie claire photography_2350.jpg
evie claire photography_2348.jpg
evie claire photography_2349.jpg
evie claire photography_2351.jpg
evie claire photography_2352.jpg
evie claire photography_2353.jpg
evie claire photography_2355.jpg
evie claire photography_2354.jpg


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