Welcome Baby Mason! Baltimore, MD Newborn Photographer


Those lips!  That chin!  His perfectly symmetrical face to match his palindrome birthday (4/10/14).

Laura and I swooned and swooned and swooned.

The swooning was amplified by the fact that the session was practically effortless.   Mason was relaxed, sleepy and game for whatever we had planned.

But we weren’t the only ones in LOVE.

Mason’s parents were so smitten with each other and their little man.

During those first few days, I feel like you’re almost intoxicated.  Drunk in love but not the Beyoncé kind.  Pure, innocent love for these little beings we have been carrying in our bellies and hearts for months.

When love is not madness, it is not love. ~Pedro Calderon de la Barca
evie claire photography_2377.jpg
evie claire photography_2378.jpg
evie claire photography_2379.jpg
evie claire photography_2374.jpg
evie claire photography_2375.jpg
evie claire photography_2376.jpg
evie claire photography_2373.jpg


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