Grow with Me: Carlo Edition Baltimore, MD Newborn Photographer

I had a special request recently. A Mom reached out to me and said she wanted a mini session with her 6 month old. He was a preemie she told me, so she missed out on both maternity and newborn photos.

We Moms are rarely in photos to begin with so my heart broke a little for her, missing out on those amazing motherhood milestone moments.

I don’t normally do these kind of minis but I am SO GLAD I agreed.

In walked Chelsey and I think my jaw hit the floor. She’s a model right? Like a supermodel.

evie claire photography_2397.jpg

She slipped into this white gown that only made her flawless skin even more luminescent and she simply loved on her little miracle baby while I snapped away. I don’t think I’ve ever met someone so at ease in front of the camera.
evie claire photography_2400.jpg
And Carlo soaked up that love and cooed and smiled and babbled little love notes right back to her.

evie claire photography_2398.jpg

evie claire photography_2399.jpg

Sometimes those sessions that are atypical for us are simply magical!


evie claire photography_2401.jpg


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