Evie and Sarah

My name is Sarah Schwartz and I am a natural light/studio photographer who sees life through the lens of my camera. Some may call me a mommarazzi.  My home studio is in Baltimore, MD and I shoot in the surrounding area as well.

I start each day with a hug from my  child who literally always wakes up happy.  After a large hazelnut DD coffee, I’m rearing to go.  I love my life as a stay at home Mom and photography is the perfect outlet for my creativity.   Walk through my house and you’ll see hundreds of photos displayed.  I created 6 handcrafted scrapbooks of Evie’s first year.  I’m a photographer because I truly believe that photos are important.  They outlive us.  They help us to remember moments that would otherwise be forgotten.  Each time I look at a photo from my childhood, wedding or pregnancy, I am transported back to that moment.  Photos are like the blood running through my veins.  They keep my heart beating.

When I was 16, my Dad took me to NYC for my birthday.  We ate Peking duck, shopped at Macy’s and saw a show on Broadway.   Then he took me to 42nd Street Photo and bought me my first film SLR, a Canon Rebel.  This camera stayed with me for the next 10 years before I made the switch to digital.   Now I shoot with a Canon Mark iii but I proudly display that old Rebel body in my studio as a reminder that we all start small.

I enjoy each part of the photography process for different reasons.  I love actual sessions for the opportunity to meet new clients, scope out new settings, and develop my skills.  I love editing for it’s ability to transform an ordinary image into something spectacular.  And I love blogging for the opportunity to speak my mind and connect with my followers.   Believe it or not, I’m actually really shy.  But I’m ready to share the never ending monologue from my brain with all of you.

Inspired by Evie.  Because she makes my world so very beautiful.

Contact me to set up your appointment today!

– Image credit of Evie and I (above) goes to Polly Wally Photography


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi, I was referred to you by a friend, Amanda Arnold. I am currently 32 weeks pregnant and am interested in maternity and newborn photo sessions. Please let me know what your availability is like. Thanks! Katie

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