Maternity Made Chic: Deanna Edition Baltimore, MD Newborn Photographer

A maxi dress.

A pop of color from a yellow belt.

A ballerina skirt.

Deanna rocked every look that we photographed and some secret shots as well!

I’m loving the trend of super fitted clothing for clients lately. I swear maternity clothes have come a long way in the 4 years since I wore them.   With stores like Target, Ann Taylor Loft, H&M and Gap stocking maternity clothes in house, there’s no need to feel less fashionable for those 9+ long months.   You can be edgy, feminine, classic, bohemian, or preppy.   Stay true to your style and I bet you’ll feel a lot better about your pregnant form.  Plus, you’ll have friends lining up to grab your clothes when they have the infamous “+” “home test!

evie claire photography_2391.jpg
evie claire photography_2392.jpg
evie claire photography_2393.jpg
evie claire photography_2395.jpg
evie claire photography_2394.jpg


Maternity Made Chic: Crystal Edition Baltimore, MD Newborn Photographer


Crystal walked into my studio dressed to the nines and I wanted to applaud her amazing effort and crazy good styling. Funny she said. Someone recently stopped her on the street and commented on how impressed they were that she put so much effort into getting dressed up, at THIRTY NINE WEEKS, no less. I became slightly ashamed of my session wardrobe choice (tank top, leggins, running socks) but that’s another story.

evie claire photography_2272.jpg

There is nothing more essentially feminine as being pregnant and Crystal literally looked angelic. A beautiful glow, flawless skin and a radiant head of hair that she said is one of her favorite pregnancy bonuses! I can’t wait to meet her little one in early April and to get her in front of the camera holding the little beauty she’s been carrying. To me, there is nothing more rewarding about this job than seeing a new mother look at her baby with eyes full of love and adoration.

“No language can express the power, and beauty, and heroism, and majesty of a mother’s love. It shrinks not where man cowers, and grows stronger where man faints, and over wastes of worldly fortunes sends the radiance of its quenchless fidelity like a star.” ~Edwin Hubbell Chapin
evie claire photography_2273.jpg
evie claire photography_2277.jpg
evie claire photography_2276.jpg
evie claire photography_2274.jpg
evie claire photography_2275.jpg

Awaiting Little Boy Red, White and Blue: Baltimore, MD Newborn Photographer


Meet Karla. She’s the latest Momma to book one of my mini maternity sessions just for herself. With her brave soldier overseas, Karla wanted to do something to capture this pregnancy for him. I can think of no better way!
Karla was effortlessly beautiful, witty and when she smiled, the whole room lit up. I can’t wait to meet her little man and soon after, her husband. Here’s hoping these pictures provide him with a precious glimpse into Karla’s journey as a Mom.
evie claire photography_2198.jpg
evie claire photography_2199.jpg
evie claire photography_2203
evie claire photography_2200.jpg

Awaiting Spring: Maternity Session Baltimore, MD Photographer


Meet Mindi. The latest in a string of DROP DEAD GORGEOUS Moms to grace my studio. And this isn’t even her first baby. It’s her second pregnancy and third little girl. I spy a Daddy with a bathroom shortage in 12+ years!
evie claire photography_2189.jpg
evie claire photography_2190.jpg
evie claire photography_2191
Family shot with 16 month old twin toddlers? No sweat. Just make my signature piggy noise to get their attention and we’re golden.
evie claire photography_2185.jpg
And these gorgeous girls needed their own moment in the spotlight too. I can’t wait to see how they react to their new sister in 2 months!
evie claire photography_2184.jpg
evie claire photography_2187.jpg
And Daddy. Well not only did he wear a pink gingham shirt, but he had a tea party with his girls, sang silly songs and made life-like bird noises. Mindi, he’s a keeper for sure. Check out how smitten he is with his beautiful wife!
evie claire photography_2186.jpg
evie claire photography_2188.jpg

Counting down the days until this little lady enters this big world! Until then.

Awaiting a big surprise! Baltimore, MD Newborn Photographer


I am willing to bet that about 35 seconds after her little one arrives, Megan won’t even look pregnant. She truly was all baby and with her striking blue eyes and warm smile, she made my job ever so easy.
I can’t wait to meet her little one. Boy or girl, they are sure to be a stunner!
evie claire photography_2159.jpg
evie claire photography_2161.jpg
evie claire photography_2158.jpg
evie claire photography_2160.jpg
evie claire photography_2157.jpg

Chic in the Snow: Baltimore, MD Photographer

I can not lie. I was fretting about this session. The weather was dreary, the sun was hiding and it was so, so very cold. Kendra and her family were on their way when all of the sudden, it started snowing. A tiny miracle to make an otherwise drab outdoor session positively fabulous. And then I met Kendra who totally took it over the top with her fresh and bold styling. She’s one of those lucky glowing pregnant women!
evie claire photography_2119.jpg
evie claire photography_2122.jpg
evie claire photography_2120.jpg
evie claire photography_2121.jpg
evie claire photography_2126.jpg
After we concluded the outdoor portion of the session, we headed back to the studio for my ethereal dream lighting and my classic all black set up. Both of these shots put all the emphasis on the bump, the amazing bump where your new little one grows bigger by the day! Oh how I love these!!!!!
evie claire photography_2123.jpg
evie claire photography_2124.jpg
And little sister had her own mini session. Tell me she isn’t positively adorable! She’s going to make a wonderful big sister in a few weeks.
evie claire photography_2125.jpg

So Kendra, until next time!

Awaiting Colton: Baltimore, MD Maternity Photography

Oh Colton. I love you and you aren’t even here yet!

See Colton’s Daddy just happens to be my little brother Sam and his Momma is my dear sister-in-law Katie. This shoot was particularly special to me and I’m so glad the weather cooperated with Katie’s request for a snowy session.
Nestled back from the main road, sat this quiet little farm with one cool setting after another. A frozen pond (or lake as I kept calling it!), cool blue barns and horses that literally nuzzled my face. I haven’t done an outdoor maternity session in months and this totally inspired me to brave the cold. I even laid down in the snow for a series of shots. Leggings were a poor wardrobe choice.
Here are some sneak peeks of the session and now I get to start planning for the over-the-top newborn shoot!!!!

evie claire photography_2095.jpg
evie claire photography_2097.jpg
evie claire photography_2096.jpg
evie claire photography_2098.jpg
evie claire photography_2099.jpg