Awaiting Colton: Bump and Beyond

It all started in 2001. My brother met this girl and the rest is history.

In 2012, she became my sister (photo credit: Julie Hipkins of Originations Photography).

On vacation last summer, Katie asked me to keep a secret. She wanted to shoot their pregnancy announcement amid the beautiful wild flowers of Deep Creek Lake. And so it began.

evie claire photography_2365.jpg

A snowy maternity session was just what Katie wanted. So nice of the MD weather to cooperate. Most snow that I can remember in 10+ years!
evie claire photography_2366.jpg
And then one day before Evie’s birthday, he arrived weighing exactly one pound more and measuring exactly one inch longer. My brother became a Father and Katie, who has nurtured all of our children over the years, including those children she teaches, finally had a child of her own.

I got to capture all of it.

Career highlight doesn’t even begin to touch it!

We paid homage to my brother’s business (Rudman Landscaping & Design) and his favorite hobby (hunting).   Colton was “dear” enough to sleep through every set up, including a cousin shot that I snuck in after his session was over.

I’d like to think that he’s oh so laid back like my brother and oh so sweet like Katie.

One hell of a kid.

evie claire photography_2367.jpg
evie claire photography_2369.jpg
evie claire photography_2370.jpg
evie claire photography_2372.jpg
evie claire photography_2368.jpg
evie claire photography_2371.jpg


Grow With Me: Robert Edition Baltimore, MD Newborn Photographer

growing up galguy copy

With a name like Robert, I immediately think Kennedy. Classic good looks. Charming personality. Winning smile. And with this Robert I got it all in a tiny 15 month old package but it took some time!

I always warn parents of babies and toddlers that sometimes these sessions run long because:
a. the kiddos might have stranger danger (like the time Evie cried at her 2 year old session with another photographer until she gagged)
b. the kiddos might be on the go and not want to sit still
c. the kiddos might just not care about OUR AGENDAS!

Robert fit the bill for most of the above. Add to that the incredible lure of my two sweet pugs just outside the studio, he was a hard sell. What turned it around?


No joke people.

All kids are awesome.
All kids are friendly.
All kids will eventually smile. And when they do, all the work that went into creating that moment will be worth it.
evie claire photography_2357.jpg
evie claire photography_2358.jpg
evie claire photography_2359.jpg
evie claire photography_2363.jpg
evie claire photography_2356.jpg
evie claire photography_2362.jpg
evie claire photography_2364.jpg
evie claire photography_2361.jpg

Zachary’s Cake Smash: Baltimore, MD Newborn Photographer

After singing a rousing rendition of “Elmo’s World”, Zachary’s mother made a comment that I was a good singer.

Why was I not tape recording then?

Proof for my parents that someone actually does enjoy my singing!  It never hurts to brush up on your children’s song list.  Sometimes all it takes to win a toddler over is a little familiar song and dance!

And so it began with Zachary’s session.  We won him over with songs and stuffed animals and he modeled as if he had a side gig, between naps, with J. Crew.

That side lean shot?  It’s unreal how cute it is!

Cake time was met with some initial skepticism.  But goldfish dipped in cake?  Well who can resist that?   Perhaps Mom had crazy cravings when she was pregnant!
evie claire photography_2350.jpg
evie claire photography_2348.jpg
evie claire photography_2349.jpg
evie claire photography_2351.jpg
evie claire photography_2352.jpg
evie claire photography_2353.jpg
evie claire photography_2355.jpg
evie claire photography_2354.jpg

Awaiting Clara Star: Bump and Beyond Baltimore, MD Newborn Photographer


Remember Crystal, my effortlessly chic Momma seen in this blog post?

evie claire photography_2330.jpg

evie claire photography_2338.jpg
She returned today with her little bundle of joy.

Meet Clara Star.

Miss Clara didn’t want to miss a thing, and could be found bright eyed and bushy tailed for about 90% of our session. In those fleeting sleepy moments, we managed to capture a series of bird themed shots to match her woodland nursery, some classic simple shots, and this gorgeous lilac set up that I’m still swooning over.


evie claire photography_2332.jpg

evie claire photography_2335.jpg
evie claire photography_2333.jpg
evie claire photography_2334.jpg
evie claire photography_2336.jpg
evie claire photography_2337.jpg

“The smile that flickers on baby’s lips when he sleeps — does anyone know where it was born? Yes, there is a rumor that a young pale beam of a crescent moon touched the edge of a vanishing autumn cloud, and there the smile was first born in the dream of a dew-washed morning.” ~Rabindranath Tagore

Grow With Me: Zara Edition Baltimore, MD Newborn Photographer

growing up gal copy

Chocolate brown eyes.
Tiny little teeth forming a sweet smile.
Yummy baby rolls.
On the go.

Zara was back today for her 9 month session (see her other sessions here:! What’s new with her? A few teeth, the ability to stand up, and some long wispy strands of hair in the back that are practically braidable! What will this Grow With Me baby be like in another 3 months? I can’t wait to see!
evie claire photography_2324.jpg
evie claire photography_2329.jpg
evie claire photography_2325.jpg
evie claire photography_2327.jpg
evie claire photography_2328.jpg
evie claire photography_2326.jpg

Welcome Baby Ricardo! Baltimore, MD Newborn Photographer


So many of my awesome clients had the opportunity to meet Evie, one of my former assistants and pals from nursing school. Today Evie was back with her new baby cousin Ricardo. Is Ricardo Spanish for DREAM BABY? If not, it should be. Because that’s what he was. Totally conked out until the last set of images and even then, he was peaceful and serene.

We posed his little 5 lb frame (that literally fit in my palm) in a variety of set ups and an hour and a half later, we called it a wrap. Never had that happen before! We even had time to fit in a shot with his Grandma. Yeah, you heard me right. That’s his Grandma, not his Mom. It’s ok to be jealous. I know I am!

Hasta la próxima Ricardo. Until next time.
evie claire photography_2321.jpg
evie claire photography_2318.jpg
evie claire photography_2319.jpg
evie claire photography_2317.jpg
evie claire photography_2316.jpg
evie claire photography_2320.jpg
evie claire photography_2322.jpg

Welcome Baby Claire: Baltimore, MD Newborn Photographer


Who says third babies are the forgotten ones? They get photo shoots too! They get their moment in the spotlight! And boy did we enjoy capturing Claire’s moment in the spotlight. It’s a good thing Laura was on vacation because I think she would have spontaneously willed herself pregnant after this one! So mild mannered and can we chat about the ginger hair? It’s what I’ve been waiting 14 months for!!!! A beautiful red haired little girl, who could perfectly accompany all my new spring mint goodies.

If these don’t cure the winter chill, I don’t know what can!
evie claire photography_2312.jpg
evie claire photography_2310.jpg
evie claire photography_2314.jpg
evie claire photography_2311.jpg
evie claire photography_2313.jpg