Meet Laura: Assisting Me to Capture YOU! Baltimore, MD Newborn Photographer

It all started with Charlotte.  Laura contracted me wanting a session for her 7 month old daughter. It’s family tradition in their family to shoot at this age and there was no way her third baby was missing out.

I laugh thinking back at how Laura asked if I could remove the catchlights (a very desired trait!) in all the photos.   Good thing I didn’t write her off!
evie claire photography_2423.jpg

Charlotte and Laura returned at a year for a cake smash, right around the time I was searching for a new assistant. My buddies Lily and Evie (who helped with so many of my newborn sessions) were in the thick of their nursing programs and unable to help my business which was busier by the month. After Charlotte’s epic one year session, Laura threw her hat in the ring. I’m so glad that she is the one I chose!
evie claire photography_2424.jpg

Here we are 6 months later and I can’t imagine my business without her. Truthfully, she is the glue that holds it all together. She is a comforter to new frazzled moms. A jokester with the Dads. And always right there with whatever I need: an extra blanket, a finger that I will eventually remove from a photo in photoshop and most importantly, an ear to just listen. Honestly, I have NO IDEA how she even has time for me. With a husband and three children under six years old, she’s a Mom on the go and she does it all. Should I mention she does it all while looking super glam, with the best hair ever, even at a newborn session. I love her even though she makes me look like a hot mess!
evie claire photography_2421.jpg
evie claire photography_2422.jpg

So here’s to the the friends who make us better and to the people who make our business successful. Laura, I do not know what I would do without you and I know our clients cherish you every bit as much as I do!
evie claire photography_2425.jpg


Welcome Baby Jackson! Baltimore, MD Newborn Photographer

I will not get pregnant.  I will not get pregnant.  I will not get pregnant.

Can you hear me chanting?  Because chant is what I needed to do after this session with Jackson.


Between his chubby cheeks and his amazing lips and that perfect inverted chin, I was in baby bliss! Oh, and did I mention he didn’t wake up for the entire session, which we wrapped up an hour ahead of my usual schedule?  Oh yeah…baby fever is in full effect!

It’s not just the babies I fall in love with though.  It’s these parents, doting on their newborns and loving one another in a totally new way.  I think babies take your marriage in one of two directions.   Hopefully you grow together with a new appreciation for one another.   Appreciation for the woman who labored giving birth to your child.  Appreciation for the man who supports you in your new role.  These two were obviously smitten with one another.  So beautiful to witness!

Welcome Jackson.

“In the sheltered simplicity of the first days after a baby is born, one sees again the magical closed circle, the miraculous sense of two people existing only for each other, the tranquil sky reflected on the face of the mother nursing her child.” ~Anne Morrow Lindbergh, Gift from the Sea, Chapter IV: Double-Sunrise
evie claire photography_2414.jpg
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evie claire photography_2416.jpg
evie claire photography_2412.jpg evie claire photography_2417.jpg
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Grow with Me: Carlo Edition Baltimore, MD Newborn Photographer

I had a special request recently. A Mom reached out to me and said she wanted a mini session with her 6 month old. He was a preemie she told me, so she missed out on both maternity and newborn photos.

We Moms are rarely in photos to begin with so my heart broke a little for her, missing out on those amazing motherhood milestone moments.

I don’t normally do these kind of minis but I am SO GLAD I agreed.

In walked Chelsey and I think my jaw hit the floor. She’s a model right? Like a supermodel.

evie claire photography_2397.jpg

She slipped into this white gown that only made her flawless skin even more luminescent and she simply loved on her little miracle baby while I snapped away. I don’t think I’ve ever met someone so at ease in front of the camera.
evie claire photography_2400.jpg
And Carlo soaked up that love and cooed and smiled and babbled little love notes right back to her.

evie claire photography_2398.jpg

evie claire photography_2399.jpg

Sometimes those sessions that are atypical for us are simply magical!


evie claire photography_2401.jpg

Maternity Made Chic: Deanna Edition Baltimore, MD Newborn Photographer

A maxi dress.

A pop of color from a yellow belt.

A ballerina skirt.

Deanna rocked every look that we photographed and some secret shots as well!

I’m loving the trend of super fitted clothing for clients lately. I swear maternity clothes have come a long way in the 4 years since I wore them.   With stores like Target, Ann Taylor Loft, H&M and Gap stocking maternity clothes in house, there’s no need to feel less fashionable for those 9+ long months.   You can be edgy, feminine, classic, bohemian, or preppy.   Stay true to your style and I bet you’ll feel a lot better about your pregnant form.  Plus, you’ll have friends lining up to grab your clothes when they have the infamous “+” “home test!

evie claire photography_2391.jpg
evie claire photography_2392.jpg
evie claire photography_2393.jpg
evie claire photography_2395.jpg
evie claire photography_2394.jpg

Hazel’s Cake Smash: Baltimore, MD Newborn Photographer


How often does a client come on their actual birthday? That was the case with Hazel’s session today. 365 trips around the sun for her; 365 sunrises for her parents. A celebration for both.

Make a wish Hazel!

“You’re off to great places
Today is your day
Your mountain is waiting
So get on your way!” ~Dr. Seuss
evie claire photography_2387

evie claire photography_2383.jpg
evie claire photography_2384.jpg
evie claire photography_2385.jpg
evie claire photography_2386.jpg

Welcome Baby Mason! Baltimore, MD Newborn Photographer


Those lips!  That chin!  His perfectly symmetrical face to match his palindrome birthday (4/10/14).

Laura and I swooned and swooned and swooned.

The swooning was amplified by the fact that the session was practically effortless.   Mason was relaxed, sleepy and game for whatever we had planned.

But we weren’t the only ones in LOVE.

Mason’s parents were so smitten with each other and their little man.

During those first few days, I feel like you’re almost intoxicated.  Drunk in love but not the Beyoncé kind.  Pure, innocent love for these little beings we have been carrying in our bellies and hearts for months.

When love is not madness, it is not love. ~Pedro Calderon de la Barca
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evie claire photography_2378.jpg
evie claire photography_2379.jpg
evie claire photography_2374.jpg
evie claire photography_2375.jpg
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Zachary’s Cake Smash: Baltimore, MD Newborn Photographer

After singing a rousing rendition of “Elmo’s World”, Zachary’s mother made a comment that I was a good singer.

Why was I not tape recording then?

Proof for my parents that someone actually does enjoy my singing!  It never hurts to brush up on your children’s song list.  Sometimes all it takes to win a toddler over is a little familiar song and dance!

And so it began with Zachary’s session.  We won him over with songs and stuffed animals and he modeled as if he had a side gig, between naps, with J. Crew.

That side lean shot?  It’s unreal how cute it is!

Cake time was met with some initial skepticism.  But goldfish dipped in cake?  Well who can resist that?   Perhaps Mom had crazy cravings when she was pregnant!
evie claire photography_2350.jpg
evie claire photography_2348.jpg
evie claire photography_2349.jpg
evie claire photography_2351.jpg
evie claire photography_2352.jpg
evie claire photography_2353.jpg
evie claire photography_2355.jpg
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